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ProDentim™️ Oral Probiotics

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ProDentim is an advanced probiotic formula that helps support healthy teeth and gums and promote fresh breath.


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ProDentim Overview

Research may have shown that when you brush your teeth and gargle, you are actually chasing out the good probiotics that are in your mouth. This rather defeats the purpose of doing all you can to have a healthy set of teeth and gums, or mouth in general.

During his college years of studying for General Surgery, Dr. Drew Sutton learned many important facts. Many of these facts pertaining to your health are based on the condition of your mouth, teeth and gums.

It is mind boggling how the health of your teeth and gums can control other health issues in your body, such as IBS, cardiovascular issues, depression and even anxiety. Another condition that begins with the flora, or bacteria in your mouth is obesity.

The Melting Candy Remedy

Dr. Sutton believes that after years of research, he has created a formula, made from all natural ingredients that will not only remove the bad bacteria in your mouth, it is meant to help increase the probiotics in your mouth.

This soft mineral melt formula, named ProDentim, was created in an FDA approved, sterile facility that is also GMP certified. The ingredients used in this powerful formula are all natural. Not only that, this tastes like candy and melts in your mouth.

Exipure Ingredients

Dr. Sutton and his team came up with these strains of probiotics to rebalance the mouth microbiome:

  • Lactobacillus Reuteri – This strain will assist in reducing the inflammation and stops the damage done by toxins. Lactobacillus appears to produce antimicrobial molecules that help to prevent the reproduction of bad bacteria. The healing time also appears to have improved when this strain is involved.
  • Paracasei – Paracasei begins an oral recovery process by clearing the Streptococcus mutans, which is the main bacteria that causes tooth decay. This Streptococcus binds to teeth and turns sugar into acid, damaging your teeth from the very beginning.
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis – This strain is believed to help close any gum pockets and therefore strengthen any loose teeth. During the research, it’s shown this bacterium may help reduce inflammation and tooth bone loss.
  • Inulin – basically the fuel that works with the included strains to get them fighting the bad bacteria. This ingredient feeds and strengthens the strains, and multiplies quickly to increase the numbers.
  • Dicalcium Phosphate – allows the body to immediately start forming a layer to protect the teeth from sensitivity.
  • Peppermint – mixed in as a way to cool the inflammation and soothe tooth pain.
  • However, all of these together would have simply gone right to the digestive tract without doing an ounce of good if this formula hadn’t been made into a melt in the mouth candy. This unique mineral probiotic candy triggers the probiotics to begin to do the task of improving the health of your mouth.
  • Money-Back Guarantee

    Dr. Drew is so sure of this formula that there is a 100% ironclad, money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 60 days, just send back the unused portion and receive your money back in full.

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    Real ProDentim™️ Supplement Users

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    Martha T.

    “Using prodentim for about five months, one more month to go. Things changed a lot here since I started using it. I confess I was a bit skeptical, but prodentim surprised me a lot. My main problem was that my teeth where very sensible, and I had some trouble with bad breath. I took the treatment seriously, taking it every single day and results are every day a little better.”

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    Ana S.

    “I’ve spent so much money with a dentist to take care of my teeth.... I’ve done several whitening sections, and I always try to brush at least 3x a day, but still feel like I’m missing something more. Maybe this product is my salvation because if it really works I will no longer spend so much money on dental procedures.”

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    Parker C.

    “My toothaches have stopped since I started the prodentim treatment two months ago. And I also had a problem with bad breath and it has improved a lot since I started using it! Now I'm going to buy a bigger kit!”